What Are The Other Options After IVF?

Experiencing a failed IVF cycle is stressful and heartbreaking for any couple. For many people, choosing to undergo another cycle while attempting to improve their chances of success is the only option. However, it is important to ensure that emotional needs are attended to after failed IVF, as well as when undergoing another cycle.

Coping with post-IVF failure emotions

The emotions you will experience after failed IVF will vary according to your circumstances. No two couples are the same, which means the emotions you feel will be entirely subjective. Some couples are left feeling as though they need to explore other options, while others are contemplating what it will be like to go through the physical cycles associated with further IVF treatment. Regardless of what you are feeling, it is important to talk to each other, and to seek support from friends and family. The medical professionals who assisted the process can also help you, and there are many support networks available to couples attempting to conceive through IVF. Most importantly, it is essential that you do not blame yourself or succumb to feelings of pressure after failed IVF; IVF is not a guarantee that you will conceive, which means it is not your fault if it does not happen.

Embryologist processing sperm sample

Preparing for further IVF treatments

Before you enter into any further consultations for more treatment after failed IVF, it is important to focus on any lifestyle factors that may have affected your chances of conceiving. Many couples are not aware of the fact that both men and women need to put effort into maintaining good health in order to boost their chances of success, so taking some time to analyze your lifestyle in order to maximize your chances of success next time is essential. Both members of the couple should consider eliminating cigarettes, alcohol, and recreational drugs from their life. Those who have a BMI above 31 should consider losing weight, and a 400mcg daily folic acid supplement for the woman is also recommended. Aside from physical preparations, taking some time to address your emotional needs can make all the difference. The stress of undergoing IVF can have a big impact, so take some time to yourselves. Massages, aromatherapy, and breaks from treatment can all reduce your stress levels, enhancing your ability to conceive.

Considering other options

If you have undergone several IVF cycles and do not feel that another one is plausible, you may wish to consider other options. Adoption and surrogacy are both great ways to add to your family after failed IVF. It is often the case that couples who choose to adopt realize that it was the right thing for them, and they feel no regret at not having a biological child. With around 1.5 million US children being adopted, it is a common occurrence that can be life-changing for all involved.

Regardless of the avenue you choose when your IVF has failed, maintaining hope and tending to your emotional needs should be your two biggest priorities.