Top Questions You Always Wanted To Ask?

Women often ask “is there anything I can do that will help to conceive naturally ” and the answer is yes. Simply making a few simple changes in your daily, and sexual life can significantly improve the experience of trying to conceive and increase the odds of becoming pregnant. Here are some questions women trying to conceive commonly ask, and answers that support higher conception rates

Q: Can staying calm help to conceive?

A: Yes, stress undermines fertility, and stressing over trying to conceive will almost certainly shut down the process. First and foremost realize that getting pregnant does not always happen the first time. In fact, for women over the age of 30, the odds of getting pregnant in the first 12 months are only about 86 percent. Commit to working on conceiving long term, and try to relax and enjoy the progress.

Q: Can birth control keep me from conceiving?

A: Yes, and not just while you are taking it. Women who have taken birth control. It takes a while for a woman’s hormones to level out after they stop taking prescription birth controls. Go off birth control three months before you begin trying to conceive, and don’t be surprised if it takes more than six months for your cycles to be regular.

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Q: Will having more sex help to conceive, or hurt?

A: There is a myth that having sex too often can lower your chances of getting pregnant but that simply is not true. Yes, it may slightly lower your partners sperm count, but it does not lower it enough to prevent pregnancy. Couples that have sex daily have a conception rate of 25% while those that only have sex every other day have a conception rate of 22%.

Q: How will following my cycle help to conceive?

A: Every one’s cycle is slightly different. A woman with a shorter than 28 days, the day of ovulation is slightly different. Understand the signs that you are ovulating, including slicker vaginal discharge and a higher body temperature, and look for those signs in your own body. Having sex the day before, the day of, and the day after ovulation will significantly improve your chances of conceiving.

Q: Can my doctor help me conceive?

A: Absolutely. Every woman should visit her OB/GYN for a prefertility consultation. Getting a prescription for vitamins before you begin trying to conceive, and making sure there are no problems that would keep you from conceiving can give you both peace of mind, and a better start to the process of trying to get pregnant.

Q: Will propping your feet up after sex really help to conceive?

A: Yes and no. Propping your feet up does not actually tilt the pelvis so it does not make a difference, but the general concept is good. Laying still for 15 to 20 minutes after sex can improve the chances of conception. Also, avoid showering or going to the bathroom within a half hour of sex. This can wash away the natural body fluids that carry sperm, and can wash away valuable sperm count before it reaches the egg.