Potentially Lethal Effects On Your Child When Smoking During Pregnancy

The dangers of smoking during pregnancy and second hand smoke are widely known. It’s reasonable that the dangers of smoking during pregnancy will affect the unborn baby as well. There have been many studies done regarding this subject. These studies have found correlations between smoking and the effects on the babies. Many medical problems have been positively correlated with smoking while pregnant. Moreover, even if the pregnant mother does not smoke, yet is exposed to second hand smoke, then the dangers still exist for the baby. Smoking while pregnant can lead to the following serious consequences.

The Facts about smoking during pregnancy

The hundreds of chemicals added to cigarettes attack all the system of the mother and unborn child. The baby’s immune system is compromised, and the effect of that is the general tendency to be sick more often with colds and other infections. The respiratory system also suffers from several complications due to smoking during pregnancy. Smoking during pregnancy can also lead to your child having problems with normal growth. One complication of smoking while pregnant is low birth weight which can cause a multitude of other complications for your baby. It is a proven fact that more than 20 percent of all babies born nationally are born with low birth weight conditions. Smoking is also linked to preterm delivery. It has been said that more than 14% of preterm labors are as a result of the mothers addiction to cigarettes. 10 percent of all infant mortality cases including SIDS can be attributed to smoking during pregnancy. The truth of this statistic has been proven by the American Lung Association.

ADHD, or attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, is becoming an increasingly common problem for children. Every year, millions are diagnosed with this condition and the numbers keep increasing. Smoking at least half a pack a day, increases your child’s tendency toward hyperactivity, although there are many other causes of ADHD. This increased hyperactivity increases a child’s risk of being diagnosed with ADHD.

There are serious, severe, and potentially fatal to your unborn child. Even though most of the know effects passed onto your baby are not fatal, you will be seriously compromising the health of your baby when you smoke. Many of your body’s organs and processes will and can be negatively affected, there is also evidence supporting that your child’s future behavior nay be affected.pregnant woman smoking a cigarette

Quit Smoking

Quit smoking today for your children and for your health.  Save money by quitting your smoking habit, it does not matter if you pregnant or not.